James Dyche Ltd.

Queen of Sheba Works

Dyche's Queen of Sheba Works, Fancy Walk, Stafford, c.1980 (Mr. M. Ellis)

A photograph of James Dyche and family taken at their home at 206 Stone Road, Stafford, 1918. James Dyche is standing 3rd from left at the back. (Mr. M. Ellis)

James Dyche Ltd., later Cook & Dyche, were one of only five boot and shoe manufacturers to survive into the 1950s. They were typical of the smaller companies in the town, employing 58 people in 1939.

James Dyche was born in 1852. Like many of the leading businessmen in Stafford’s shoe industry, he had relativley humble origins, but became a wealthy and prominent citizen of the town, and was living at Silkmore Hall at the time of his death in 1939, aged 87. He was also a director of Stafford Railway Building Society and an active member of Gaol Square Methodist Church.

The company operated from the ‘Queen of Sheba Works’ on Marsh Street. Cook & Dyche ceased trading in 1952, but the factory buildings were not demolished until 1989.

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