Fowell & Jones, Rugeley

Forward Works, Rugeley

Forward Works, Mill Lane, Rugeley, c.1930 (Courtesy of the Landor Society)

Fowell & Jones Letterhead

Fowell & Jones letterhead, 1935 (Landor Society)

Fowell & Jones were manufacturers of cork socks (linings for shoes) and lambswool slippers in the 1920s and 1930s. They occupied the Forward Works in Rugeley, a former corn mill in Mill Lane. Among other products, they made ‘Baggaley’s Premier’ damp-proof socks, the ‘Stanley’ sock, the ‘Forward’ sock, boracic lint socks and ‘Thermol Capsicum’ lint socks. As well as cork, they used wool, horsehair and swansdown.

The company was acquired in 1935 by Mundet Cork Products Ltd., an American company with offices in London. The outbreak of war in 1939 saw production change from shoe fittings to gas masks and bomb-proof and gas-proof shelters. In 1940 another company, Andamite Ltd., took over, manufacturing ventilation and poison gas filtration plant. The firm went into liquidation in 1942.